Jewelry Repair

Goldworks provides a wide variety of fine jewelry repair and maintenance services. We do not typically offer “while-you-wait” repair services, so please be prepared to leave your jewelry to be properly addressed. Any items left to the responsibility of Goldworks will be documented with photograph, on a receipt, fully insured to an agreed upon level, and treated with the utmost respect.

In many cases the higher quality a jewelry item was originally made allows us a greater ability to repair and maintain as needed. Gold, Platinum, and Silver are the most effective materials for us to work on. Genuine stones like diamonds and sapphires for example are more resilient to heat exposure than their simulated counterparts. We offer limited services for costume or plated jewelry.

The actual price, timeframe, and services available will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Some of the more popular repair services we provide with approximate turnaround time are: 

Same Day or Next Day

  • Standard jewelry polishing
  • Diamond/gemstone tightening
  • Clasp or earring back adjustment
  • Watch battery replacement, band adjustment or replacement
  • General identification/testing (See Appraisal & Testing page for more info)
  • Offer to buy jewelry (See Jewelry Buying page for more info)

Approx 7-10 Day Turnaround

  • Polishing with Rhodium plating (white gold)
  • Basic chain repair or clasp replacement
  • Solder charms on bracelet
  • Epoxy
  • Insurance/Fair market value appraisals (See Appraisal & Testing page for more info)

Approx 2 Week Turnaround

  • Most general repairs
  • Ring sizing
  • Prong tips/Replacement heads
  • Stone setting/Replacement
  • Laser repair
  • Pearl/Bead stringing
  • Gemstone polishing/re-cutting

3 Weeks +

  • Complex jewelry repair
  • Custom jewelry design (See Custom Design page for examples)
  • Advanced watch repair e.g. Rolex servicing, vintage watch reconditioning
  • Diamond cutting
  • Advanced laboratory testing of diamonds and gemstones (See Appraisal & Testing page for more info)


While many repairs are done on sight, due to the volume of jobs and the vast skills required, Goldworks may enlist the assistance of our network of respected professionals to complete certain tasks. We are fully transparent in our process and are glad to answer any questions you might have.

Goldworks reserves the right to decline a service if for any reason we feel uncomfortable performing the task. It is in everyone's best interest for all involved to have confidence in the process and our ability to achieve the expected results.