Jewelry Buying

Goldworks actively buys from the public all types of gold, platinum and silver jewelry, designer jewelry, vintage jewelry, diamonds, and fine gemstones with immediate payment in most cases.

Like many stores Goldworks “buys gold” at competitive rates when the item(s) are sold based on weight and current market prices. Where we distinguish ourselves is our desire and expertise in buying higher end designer and vintage jewelry, diamond jewelry, gemstones, coins, and watches without the hassle of the consignment process. 

If you have jewelry you are interested in selling please bring it in along with any original boxes, booklets, appraisals, reports, receipts or other information helpful in reselling or determining value. Also please be forthright with any known information or price expectations you have. If you do not have paperwork or know how much your jewelry is worth, that is ok. We are fully capable of evaluating your jewelry regardless. We just want to give the highest, fastest, most accurate, most transparent offer we can.

No appointment is required however we will process the offer as time allows based on the complexity & quantity of jewelry presented and our current workload. When possible, we will perform the assessment and complete the transaction with payment same day.


We do not pay in cash. Valid government issued ID with picture required. Must be 18 years or older.

Just as you can choose to buy from us Goldworks reserves the right to refuse purchase of any item for any reason within guidelines of the law.