Diamonds & Gemstones

Buying quality diamonds and gemstones opportunistically while maintaining a high moral standard is the priority at Goldworks. Of course our stones are "conflict free". We proudly support businesses and people who share our respect for each other and our surroundings.

Large statement diamonds, tiny replacement stones and everywhere in between. Goldworks prides itself on our knowledge and selection of diamonds and gemstones including sapphire, emerald, ruby, opal, tanzanite, alexandrite, aquamarine, morganite, pearl and much more.

We have created, and are ever developing, a network of some of the world’s foremost diamond and gemstone sources. We also buy and recut diamonds and gemstones from estates and the public. This allows Goldworks to offer the high-quality selection and competitive pricing that we are capable of.

It can be a scary world figuring out who to trust and how to get the “best” deal. Our reputation is as strong in our local community as our jewelry community. If we don't already have it, let Goldworks team know what gemstone you’ve been dreaming of, and we will find it for you without stress and at a competitive price.